Media and Press Services

Are you looking to get more well deserving eye balls onto your small business or personal brand?

Well lucky for you, you have found yourself in the right place! Djemilah Birnie is a creative marketer and Media specialist!

Media and Press Services

Djemilah Birnie offers private consulting, media kit creation, PR and reputation management, interview booking, press release writing and distribution, and ethical SEO services to qualified clients.

Press Release Writing and Distribution

Build authority and obtain high quality backlinks with our press release writing and distribution services. Each release typically sees 300+ pick ups from sites such as ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, and more.

Starting at $350

Monthly Reputation Management

Ready to step up your SEO game, reach new audiences, and truly be seen as the expert in your field? With monthly reputation management you will receive weekly press releases, podcast and interview bookings, reputation management tracking system, and personally curated PR lists out of my over 50,000 (and growing) contacts of journalists, news anchors, and radio hosts across the US.

Starting at $2,500 / m

Media and Press Consulting

Are you wanting to get more exposure for you small business or personal brand? Needing a proven roadmap or someone to bounce creative ideas off of?

Starting at

$250 / session

**Please note: Djemilah Birnie has the right to refuse press and media services to any applicant if she does not feel they are truly bringing value to the marketplace. By submitting this form you acknowledge your awareness **

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Djemilah Birnie is here to help.

Djemilah Birnie | Founder of Becoming the Big Me, multiple times bestselling author, speaker, CCO of Local Crown, LLC, Organizer of the Wimberley Women's Circle, visionary behind Wimberley Moonlight Farms, and Brand and Media Consultant.

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